Yaqeen IPO Fund

Yaqeen Capital Asset Management Department strives to assist our clients realize their investment goals through a Sharia complaint innovative and customized investment solutions across a wide range of asset classes, managed by our specialized investment teams.

Financial markets are dynamic, but sound investment philosophy remain timeless and is the cornerstone of investment success. Investment management and strategies, nevertheless, need to be flexible to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

At Yaqeen Asset Management, fundamentals are the heart of our investment philosophy. We believe that adhering to a discipline investment process, a fundamental-based research, assure consistent and superior results.

The philosophy uses a blended investment approach, which combines top-down analysis and bottom-up analysis to come up with investment recommendations with a solid verdict. We spend more time on bottom-up analysis to build more conviction about investment ideas. Statistical analysis through various quantitative strategies and technical analysis on price actions and volume shed important lights on timing, selection, risk management and position sizing.

Fund Overview

The fund aims to achieve growth of capital at a level of calculated risk in the long term by investing primarily in shares of public companies during the first public presentation of its shares, or shares of new companies listed during the first 5 years of trading.


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Yaqeen IPO Fund T&C - last update 21/05/2024

Fund Voting policy

Fund Features

Fund name Yaqeen IPO Fund
Fund Type Open Ended Fund
Risk level High
Fund's investment objectives The Fund’s objective is to provide long-term capital growth through basic investment in operating companies' shares during initial public offering of its shares and / or newly listed company's shares which did not exceed five years since enlisting in Saudi capital market (Main market & Nomu-parallel market)
Investment strategy Invest fund's moneys in Sharia compliant public companies shares during initial public offering in the initial markets and / or shares of newly enlisted companies which did not exceed five years since enlisting in Saudi capital market.
Inception of fund 6/21/2008 12:00:00 AM
Fund currency Saudi Riyals
Fund category Saudi Equity Fund
Fund sub-category Shari’ah Compliant
Benchmark index Falcom Initial Offering Index
Inception price 1 SAR
Subscription fees 1.50 % of subscription or addition value
Management fees 1.75% of net asset value per annum
Valuation days Each business day
Dealing days Monday & Wednesday

Financial Statements

Report English Arabic
Financial Statement - 2023 Download Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2023 Download Download
Financial Statement - 2022 Download Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2022 Download Download
Financial Statement - 2021 Download Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2021 Download Download
Financial Statement - 2020 Download Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2020 Download Download
Financial Statement - 2019 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2019 Download
Financial Statement - 2018 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2018 Download
Financial Statement - 2017 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2017 Download
Financial Statement - 2016 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2016 Download
Financial Statement - 2015 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2015 Download
Financial Statement - 2014 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2014 Download
Financial Statement - 2013 Download
Financial Statement (Six months) - 2013 Download
Financial Statement - 2012 Download

Quarterly Statements

Report English Arabic
1st Quarter - 2024 Download Download
Annual Report - 2023 Download Download
4th Quarter - 2023 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2023 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2023 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2023 Download Download
Annual Report - 2022 Download Download
4th Quarter - 2022 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2022 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2022 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2022 Download Download
Annual Report - 2021 Download Download
4th Quarter - 2021 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2021 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2021 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2021 Download Download
Annual Report - 2020 Download Download
Semi-annual Report - 2020 Download
4th Quarter - 2020 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2020 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2020 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2020 Download Download
Annual Report - 2019 Download
4th Quarter - 2019 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2019 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2019 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2019 Download Download
Semi-annual Report - 2018 Download
4th Quarter - 2018 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2018 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2018 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2018 Download Download
Annual Report - 2017 Download
Semi-annual Report - 2017 Download
4th Quarter - 2017 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2017 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2017 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2017 Download Download
Annual Report - 2016 Download
4th Quarter - 2016 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2016 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2016 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2016 Download Download
4th Quarter - 2015 Download Download
3rd Quarter - 2015 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2015 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2015 Download Download
4th Quarter - 2014 Download
3rd Quarter - 2014 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2014 Download Download
4th Quarter - 2013 Download Download
2nd Quarter - 2013 Download
4th Quarter - 2011 Download Download
1st Quarter - 2011 Download
4th Quarter - 2010 Download
2nd Quarter - 2010 Download
4th Quarter - 2009 Download

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